A world citizen at heart and Swiss by birth, I started travelling from a very young age. Already knowing that I would make a career in the fascinating travel industry, I started the EHL Hospitality Business School of which values - unique spirit, international network and warm hospitality - represented the perfect match with my personality. With unforgettable internships in Rome and Berlin, the seed was planted. Being a hotelier, networking, welcoming clients, attending luxury travel fairs and always learning about cultures and people were among the things which made me feel like a duck to water.

Successful experiences at the renown Beau-Rivage Palace in Switzerland and at the famous Villa Magna in Madrid followed and I found the country of my heart: Spain.

Indeed, discovering the Spanish culture and lifestyle was a revelation for me and therefore I decided to keep exploring my new country.

A polyglot, world traveller, sea lover, passionate and fascinated by people, it is very naturally that I determined to start my own business in the Balearics.

After all, what could be any better for me than do what I love and let others benefit from my knowledge, experience and extreme dedication? With a taste for adventure in the genes, I am always ready for new challenges and finding what the clients wish is my most important goal.

It is with great enthusiasm and attentive care that I would love to inspire and help you create your tailored trip in the Balearics.