All about organic olive oil in a secret place of Mallorca

Discover one of the most fertile lands in the whole of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Founded in the 14th century and home to characters such as the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, this estate has been an epicentre of the region’s agriculture for hundreds of years. After years of difficulty through the centuries, thanks to hard work and respect for the nourishing soil of Mallorca, it is with pride that today’s owners have transformed it into a thriving agricultural estate which produces not only the famous olive oil, but also a range of organically grown fruits and vegetables.

During this exclusive visit you will learn the secrets of secular olive trees and the harvest process. After wandering through the olive grove on a Jeep you will discover a secluded place kept secret to the public. In this enchanted environment, you will taste the organic extra virgin olive oil and organic products of the estate as well as discover one of the property’s hidden architectural and historical gems.

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