and discover the authentic east coast of Mallorca

This property in Mallorca, created by 2 of the island’s most renowned architects and designers, will offer you something that we are all looking for: freedom…
Freedom to breathe, to (re)connect with yourself, to take time and simply do nothing but contemplate the nature all around.

In this hotel offering 34 rooms and including 21 “casitas” and 2 casas with 2 and 3 bedrooms, every detail is a postcard.

Whether by swimming in the pools (indoor & outdoor), enjoying a spa treatment, having lunch in the gardens lulled by the fountains or just having a siesta in the comfort of your room, you will live in a different way. Yoga classes are offered daily and from breakfast to dinner the restaurant offers km-0 products and even its own locally grown vegetables.

After a few nights in this corner of East Mallorca, there is no doubt that you will feel fully rejuvenated and if you ever feel like leaving your casita, Cala Mesquida, Porto Cristo and Costa de los Pinos are just a few kilometers away.

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