A fusion of the traditional Ibizan style with designer's suites in the island's countryside

Welcome to a true heaven of peace in the Ibizan countryside, where you won’t find a hotel but a state of mind. In the heart of the island on clay grounds, surrounded by sustainable cropland, orchards and olive groves, this luxury retreat perfectly fuses the traditional Ibizan style of the main villa with the cutting-edge architecture of the new designer suites.

The perfect setting to revel in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that blends relaxation, dining and nature in equal measures. The perfect excuse to get carried away by the essential pleasures of Mediterranean life.

With only 20 rooms and suites, you are promised to a very peaceful stay, far away from the world’s rumors. The spa with a complete menu of treatments and therapies has an array of services for unwinding or toning up, which will achieve to make you completely disconnect and enjoy you Ibizan escape.

Ca Na Xica